Print info:

"CeCe Is A Hero," edition of 175. Printed on a Vandercook Universal One Letterpress with using a rainbow (5 color) split fountain. 12.5x12.5" on French Paper Brite White 100lb. Due to the nature of letterpress printing, no two prints are the same. Some display brighter colors than other, some may appear to contain more colors than others.

Check out this video documenting the printing process.
I hope that the video will both demystify letterpress a little and help people understand the laborious nature of creating these prints--you are getting something that is handmade with lots of love.

Ordering Info:

Diana and I are not affiliated with any group or organization, we are just two friends working together on this benefit. All money from this benefit will be given to CeCe--when we have sold out of posters we will check with folks working more closely to support CeCe and find out where the money is most needed.

To buy a print, visit the donation and ordering page: http://www.indiegogo.com/supportcece. Feel free to contact us with any questions: astropressdc at gmail dot com.

No posters will ship until at least August.

Artist's statement:

When Diana and I first met up to discuss collaborating on a benefit for Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, we were filled with bitterness and rage. Diana had already started to campaign to raise money for CeCe, specifically wanting to get a chunk of money for her living expenses upon release. I loved a lot about that idea, particularly Diana's life-affirming, positive remarks that she hoped there would be enough money raised that CeCe could just throw herself a big party when she got out, and not have to work for a while, and get massages every day. The list grew longer and we smiled as we thought of all the care and joy CeCe deserves. As nice as it felt to imagine that, the reality is that CeCe needs money

But when we started talking about the text of the poster, our anger resurfaced. We so wanted to curse all of the oppression that is responsible for CeCe's situation--from individuals working within the racist, cis-sexist criminal justice system to the combination of administrative, legislative, and cultural forces that restrict the life chances of transpeople, particularly people of color, and punish or criminalize their survival. Yet we could not articulate that rage into a poster-sized message. Nor did we like the idea of that poster hanging on the walls of folks who probably don't need more anger and vitriol in their lives.

Similarly, Diana wrote an amazing song for her band about the Trans Day of Remembrance, voicing her disillusionment and frustration at the despairing tone of the day, as well as at the futility of prayer. She is not the only person I have heard express their desire for a trans holiday that is more like a celebration.

So, we flipped our approach in the crafting of the poster message to one of
positivity and rejoicing, in the same spirit of that party for CeCe that Diana had imagined as well.

And so we came up with: "CECE IS A HERO. We celebrate your survival. We praise your strength. We struggle with you." Additionally, the bottom border of the poster contains three symbols: a crossed-out swastika asserting our resistance to fascism (both in the particularities of CeCe's case and at large), the symbol for trans liberation, and a heart.

-Beck Levy, astropressdc.com.

The CeCe McDonald Photo Project:

Please consider taking a picture with the poster and sending it to us. The picture doesn't have to be of you or just you--it can be with your friends, or of just your friends, or your pet, or yourself with your face covered, whatever you like. E-mail it to us at astropressdc at gmail dot com with "CeCe" in the subject line. We are planning to compile all of the photos into a physical form that we will send to CeCe herself!

With love and solidarity,

Beck & Diana